John Patrick Kennedy has been writing stories ever since he could write.  At first, his imagination was his escape from a difficult childhood, where he never seemed to "fit in."  Other kids taunted him for being different and John began to create worlds in his stories where he could feel safe and secure; stronger and more confident.


When John grew older, he discovered a taste for wanderlust and adventure.  As a young man, he travelled the world with little but what he could carry on his back.  He has climbed Denali, hiked the Amazon, and even spent a year in Japan, teaching English and feeding deer in the famous Nara Park.  His love of Asian history and philosophy has led him to become a master at Jeet Kune Do and a practicing Taoist.


John now divides his time between two homes, one in New York City, the other in London.  He is married with a beautiful little girl who inspires and captivates him.  They share their homes with a loyal, loving, German Shepherd. A man of many interests and talents, John has been a world-ranked tennis pro, even defeating a former Wimbledon champion in a sanctioned ITF tournament...and of course, he remains, and always will be a writer.  All of John's many interests and adventures have inspired his writing.  In addition, his imagination is so vivid and dear, it is almost as if he lives part-time within a third home in his mind, an inner world his readers glimpse when they read his novels.


John writes on a Macbook Pro and finds himself hardly able to go a day without creating something, be it an idea in infancy, or one of the many novels he has going at any time.  He is prolific and some friends say, even manic in the pursuit and perfection of his craft.  He loves to rip wide open his readers' minds, showing them something—a world, a character—they have never read or experienced before.





Until next time,


John Patrick Kennedy




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