02/24/15 Random Steam

I'm sick of twitter and all the spamming blowjob bot users, especially the ones self-promoting their books...over and over, and over...and over...and over....(You know who you are Pluggy McPlug). Hey yeah, I've plugged too, but not every 16 seconds. I also don't need to see quotes from your dipshit characters that nobody knows, it's just strange. Indie writers need love, but for God's sake, have some dignity man (and woman). Pleeeeeeeease!

And do your own tweets, come on dude, that's REALLY lame, and lazy. I know you have to work on book twelve of your corny ass paranormal romance, but it's not like you're Victor Hugo. Seriously, get your ass on twitter and send out your own tweets WITHOUT spam. Mute works great of course, but you shouldn't even have the benefit of being muted you spamming dick-bot. I'm going to have to rethink the whole, 'following back authors' thing. In fact I did, and as of today(02/24/15), I don't follow back "authors" unless I find them interesting. What has it (following back) done for me besides fill my screen with spam? Nothing! And the plugs are corny as shit. "The Wind of Chersom Falls...Let the wind bring you to darkness." Sorry! Not interested in a book that you edited, and did the cover art yourself. I don't care if you're on writer's cafe bragging about how much you make. You're still a dick.

Having a heart that skips beats fucking blows, but apparently everybody gets them, just not everybody "feels" them. Thank you Universe for that superpower. One day, I'll end up dead in my shower or I'll be the guy that collapses in public somewhere and the last thing I'll hear is a teenage girl shrieking "Ewwww that guy died or something." Then a "gross." followed by a "Weird."

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